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Best Center Console Boats

The company Hysucat is an excellent constructor of center console boats and center console inflatable boats. Hysucat is an acronym for Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran which combines a specially designed hull and foil incorporating hydrofoil science and technology. Malan Conradie is the creator of the Hysucat brand and is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative boat designers. There are many great designs of a center console boats such as the Center Console Hydrofoil boat, the Rigid Inflatable boat, and commercial hydrofoil boats are a few of the best designs. This boat design also offers great benefits that allow this vessel to operate efficiently. Best Center Console Boats What is A Center Console Boat Best Center Console Boats Benefits Of Center Console Boats What is A Center Console Boat A center console boat is a single-decked open hull boat where the console of the boat is located in the center of the vessel. There a few models of a console

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What are Hydrofoil Boats?

Hydrofoil boat technology is not by any means a new technology, but these boats have been growing in popularity in recent years. These unique boats have been used by the military as well as for sailing, watersports, and passenger boats. With a hydrofoil boat, you will feel like you are flying on water. The fun and functionality of these boats are what has made them more common for these applications. You may be wondering what exactly a hydrofoil boat is. Hydrofoil Technology Foil is a term used to describe a wing, and a hydrofoil is a wing that floats on top of the water. The use of hydrofoils on boats allows them to drive above the water’s surface and the boat itself won’t even touch the water when it is moving. The hydrofoils need to be on the water in order to work, so they keep the boat from capsizing or flying out of the water. Benefits of Hydrofoil Boats

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Benefits of Hydrofoil Catamaran Center Console Fishing Boats

Do you have a particular interest in the best fishing boats for your leisure activities? Then the hydrofoil catamaran center console fishing boat is for you. As one of the best center console boats created, this hydrofoil saltwater fishing catamaran boat was created with innovative hydrofoil technology and holds several unique benefits. Benefits of Center Console Hydrofoil Fishing Boats Patented Hydrofoil Technology Hysucat Hydrofoil Fishing Center Console Boats are unique and exquisite with features being pulled from a monohull and catamaran. The major difference in the Hysucat Hydrofoil Center Console Sport Fisher is that it has unique hydrofoil advancements, allowing the boat to go faster on less generated power. Enjoy Center Console Fishing Boats for Ocean Activities Who doesn’t love a good trip on a beautiful, fast-driving boat? The Hysucat Hydrofoil Catamaran Center Console is not only ideal for going out to the ocean to fish, but for a number of different reasons. Whether you just want to get out

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Hysucat at the Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament 2017

The annual Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament kicks off at Marina Shores, June 21st-24th 2017. As always there will be 4 nights of parties, with live music, great food and great drinks.   Hysucat USA and Troy Marine will participate with Hysucat CC30 which will also be available for inspecting and sea-trial.   Please contact Troy Shields 757-438-1254 or Ken Comfort 252-945-6514 for additional details.   See you on the water!

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