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Day 4-5 – 01.08.2020

Leg4-5: Bodrum- Ku?adas?. Bering70 crew witness the holy places After occasional free day in Yalikavak the Bering Yachts’ expedition has regained its pace. In the night shift from July 31 and August 1, the crew moved from Bodrum peninsula to ancient Ku?adas?. But the plans were far more extensive. The crew sought to reach the ancient city of Ephesus – probably the most famous city of the region. Bering70 yacht has covered the 70 miles leg in due course of 7 hours. Due to regular strong NW Meltemi wind Aegean sea is known for its rude temper but everything was quiet onboard Bering70. While it was fresh and a bit bumpy outside, the stabilization system perfectly smoothed the ride. At the dawn of August 1, the crew left the yacht on Hysucat hydrofoiling RIB to reach quickly the shore as the day schedule was tight. Being a nice and cozy resort Ku?adas? visit was limited only to short stroll on

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Day 3 – 30.07.2020

Leg3: Fethiye-Bodrum where East meets West There is one small downside with all this expeditions: you just cannot help but fall in love with the places you visit. This exactly what happened to the Bering Yachts’ crew that set out for pocket-odyssey trip from Kemer on July 28th. On the beginning of Day 3 the crew has managed to cover almost 250 miles in three nights and on July 30th reached Bodrum peninsula. What a day it was! First, let us talk the trip. Bering70 with Hysucat hydrofoiling RIB towed left Fethyie on July 29th evening heading west. The weather was fresh with uneasy seas. It took more than 10 hours to cover the distance around 120 miles with average 8 knots of speed. For this trip, Bering70 consumed around 230 l of fuel. Unlike the mornings of Days 1 and 2, the third morning the crew was underway. Still there were several things worth early waking. On the down,

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Day 2 – 29.07.2020

Leg2: Kekova-Fethiye. Bering 70 crew visits ghost-city Fethiye and Mu?la region deserves a week of exploring indeed but for the Bering crew time is a precious commodity. So modern and ancient, shore based and mountain high locations are to be visited within one day. Here we go again! Bering 70 explorer yacht does the main job while Hysucat hydro foiling RIB guarantees that no tiny bay or inlet will be missed. This is important, as each of the places can be your greatest discovery! The Bering Yachts’ small expedition is getting into the groove. The Day 2 started again at the beautiful anchorage in the turquoise waters of Ölüdeniz that is world-famous for its Caribbean style beach. Locals complained that Olüdeniz – a magnificent two-kilometre crescent of gently sloping shingle – is too crowded, but Viewed from the sea this small paradise looks even more beautiful as the sunbathing crowds do not hinder your view. In addition, there are many

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Day 1 – 28.07.2020

Leg1: Kemer-Kekova. Bering 70 crew pays visit to Santa-Claus! The long awaited journey of the Bering Yachts crew along the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coasts has finally commenced at midnight July 28th. As it was initially planned, the voyagers covered the first leg Kemer-Kekova at night and therefore had a full day left for discoveries. The initial idea of this pocket-odyssey was to prove that even with time constraints one can easily set for private expedition. With modern explorer yacht as Bering 70 (in this case) a large family or bunch of friends can have two weeks of fun with easy budget and maximum adventures. The idea proved success right from the instance. To cover the first 65 miles leg from Kemer to Kekova for Bering 70 took only 7.5 hours with average 7 knots of speed. The boat consumed only 115 litres of fuel and no precious time of the travelers as they had the quietest night underway. Morning

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Incredible Journey Hysucat and Steel Yacht Bering

11 cities in 12 days? Bering Yachts to reinvent the idea of exploring Myth busting is what Bering Yachts is all about. Several misconceptions and stereotypes were already proved wrong by the company’s own experience. The company is sure that modern explorer yacht can be reliable, comfortable and efficient in long range trips. Now is the time to prove that constant time shortage may not stop one from undertaking a small expedition that can be both easy to manage and full of fun and adventures. How is that possible? Think out of the box. While yacht can travel at night the day time is reserved for discoveries. Mid range Bering 70 is the right choice for such a trip. Large displacement explorer yacht with shallow draft allows for close costal travelling without need for open sea routing. This saves a lot of time and fuel. Meanwhile low noise and unprecedented stability of the steel hulled yacht guarantees quiet rest for

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Why You Should Buy a Center Console Boat

Living right next to the water definitely has its perks. If you own a dock, then you can easily whip out the fishing poles and catch some game. Or you can bring out a chair, some cold drinks, and just relax as you sunbathe and take in the heat. But if you want to expand your leisure capabilities even further then perhaps you should consider purchasing a boat. You should especially look into buying a center console boat. And if you want the best model, there’s no better place to get it from than Hysucat. Center console boats are highly praised by many boating enthusiasts, mostly because of their versatility and function. But if you wish to learn more about why this type of boat would make a great asset while you’re out on the water, then continue reading below. Why You Should Buy a Center Console Boat Design Center console boats were designed to fulfill two purposes: family fun

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