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Hysucat’s Guide To Maintaining Your RIB – Part 1

Maintaining your rigid inflatable boat, or RIB is key to ensuring that it stays looking and functioning like new for years to come. Even if your RIB is frequently deployed in saltwater, with a little tender loving care, it can stay in tip-top shape and performance. At Hysucat, we pride ourselves on being the top manufacturer of RIBs in the United States and beyond. When you purchase one of our RIBs, we want you to prepare you to keep the boat around as long as possible. In this two-part post from the Hysucat blog, we’ll go over some tips for maintaining your Hysucat RIB so it can be around as long as possible. Clean Your RIB Regularly This is such an important part of maintaining the look of your RIB. Especially if you use your boat in saltwater, cleaning it is one of the most critical aspects of owning a boat. For new boat owners, this can be a lot

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Tips For Buying A RIB Boat

Rigid Inflatable Boats, or RIBs, are a great choice for those interested in getting into boating, but not spending tons of money on their boat. These smaller, inflatable boats can be used for a number of purposes. At Hysucat, our RIBs are a great choice for use as workboats, fishing vessels, and more. In this post from the Hysucat blog, we’ll go over a few tips for purchasing a RIB. If you’ve never purchased a boat, there are a few things to consider that may not have crossed your mind. Continue reading to learn more!

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The Science Behind Hydrofoils

Why Can’t Standard Boats Go As Fast As Cars? Have you ever been curious as to why a powerful, recreational boat can’t make the same speed as a standard car? The answer lies in friction. A standard car only needs a bit more than one hundred horsepower to reach one hundred miles an hour, but getting a boat to do that same speed through the water takes a few hundred or more horsepower. Why is this the case? Primarily, it’s because water is about a whopping eight hundred times denser than air. Imagine standing on a dock in ten knots of wind. That’s a relatively simple thing for any person to accomplish. Now imagine standing in a river in ten knots of current. Regardless of how strong you are, you’ll be swept away by the force of the current. This is due to the density of the water. The hull of a boat has to push through tons of dense

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Benefits Of RIB Boats

When you think of purchasing a boat, the first things that come to mind are center consoles, sailboats, bowriders, catamarans, and other typical boats that are ideal for relaxing or fishing. However, the rigid inflatable-hulled boat or RIB boat can be just as useful as other boats. In fact, a RIB boat has a number of benefits that anyone looking to get on the water can appreciate. You’ll find that while RIBs may appear to be nowhere near equal to other types of boats, they’re actually one of the most multifunctional boats currently in design. You’ll find that whatever you need out of a RIB boat, you’ll get it. Benefits of the RIB boat Excellent Maneuverability Lightweight Build Multifunctionality Excellent Maneuverability A major benefit of the RIB boat is its high maneuverability. Its build allows it to track well and maintain a stable ride even through the roughest of waters. Their buoyancy tubes ensure that they’re practically unsinkable and makes

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Top 5 Tips To Maintaining Your Hyscuat Center Console All Year Long

As a boat owner, you’re proud to show off your vessel to the world. Whether it’s through pictures, giving people a tour whenever they visit or allowing onlookers to bask in its glory as you cruise by. When it comes to your Hysucat center console, it’s vital that you treat it right every day so you may enjoy it to the fullest whenever you decide to take it out onto the water. There are five key steps to ensure your boat enjoy a long and fruitful life. Five Steps To Maintain A Healthy Hysucat Center Console Wash Your Center Console Regularly Check Oil Levels Ensure Propeller Isn’t Damaged Remove Any Water Store Properly Wash Your Center Console Regularly While it may seem exhausting to wash your center console after an entire day out on the water, it’s an important final step before ending the day. Leaving your boat unwashed allows for saltwater and other residues to sit on your hull.

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What Separates Hysucat From Other Hydrofoil Companies?

The Hysucat brand is one of the best hydrofoil RIB boats in the industry for those looking to get performance, comfort, fuel economy, and a smooth ride experience. The difference between a Hysucat and other RIB boats is the design from which they came. Our designs come from a background of overcoming rough waters with innovation. What Is a RIB Boat? Rigid inflatable boats (or RIBs) are the key to performing better than past designs. These lightweight boats have a solid hull with inflatable tubes around the sides. These tubes allow the boats to be a low height to avoid wind resistance. While reaching racing speeds, a boat at this low of a height can get water inside the cabin. A small boat can fill up with water quickly in rougher ocean conditions. The inflatable tubes give extra buoyancy to keep it afloat. These low-lying boats are perfect for lifeboats or for transportation between military vessels which require a fast

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