28 (8.5m) Rigid Inflatable Boat

Hysucat’s Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) Featuring Hydrofoil Technology

Hysucat applies its revolutionary hydrofoil technology across all of its models of boats, including its RIB (rigid inflatable boats) models. The 28′ recreational rigid inflatable boat carry all of our latest technologies that make for a smooth ride with incredible efficiency.

About Our RIB Boats

The extraordinary benefits of our hydrofoil technology are evident when cruising one of our RIB’s at any speed or water conditions. The hydrofoil which lies in the middle of our demi-hulled catamarans provides lift that allows for smooth cruising in choppy seas.

RIB boats are known for smooth rides anyways, but when you combine our patented hydrofoil designs you can expect even better performance. Our RIB boats provide incredible fuel efficiency with cruising speeds of 70+ knots!

Hysucat’s Recreational RIB Models

Hysucat offers two leisure models of rigid inflatable boats, both featuring our patented hydrofoil design along with center console installations. Our  28′ rigid inflatable boat features all of the technology that you can expect from a Hysucat boat. For more information on either of our leisure RIB boats click on one of the images below.

28' Rigid Inflatable Boat