CC30 Military

CC30 Military

Sharing the same hull form as the sport fishing Hysucat CC30’ but with a modified modular deck layout, Hysucat 30’ Military is ready to handle the harshest sea conditions without hesitation.

The modular deck design allows for custom deck modules, different console or cabin options and a track system to fit shock absorbing seats. The fiberglass infused hull saves weight, increases strength and reduces resistance to allowing higher speeds, better fuel economy and extreme long range.

The use of surface piercing propulsion will allow extreme speed performance, economical and comfortable operation.

The lifting and damping effect of the hydrofoils also improve human fatigue and result in a lower wake for eco friendly operation.

The Hysucat CC30 Military can be used for military applications, law enforcement agencies, search and rescue organizations, water ambulance as well as other commercial uses.

Hysucat 30’ Military has a dry weight of 5,300 lbs, a fuel capacity of 264 gallons and can be powered by twin petrol or diesel outboard engines from 175 to 300 hp. Depending on the engine option and propellers this gives a cruise speed of 26-35 knots and maximum speed of over 70 knots.

main specifications

    • Reinforced Fiberglass Hull, deck and modules.
    • Outboard Engines ( petrol or diesel).
    • Cabin, Hard Top with Aluminium structure.
    • Special bulletproof areas.
    • Jockey or Shock-Mitigating Seats.

Detailed Specifications

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