Center Consoles

30′ Sport Fisher

Hysucat Center Console Boats With Hydrofoil Technology

Hysucat combines all of its best technologies in the design and construction of its center console sportfishing boats with our patented hydrofoil technology. Combining the features of a mono-hull center console boat and a catamaran leads to a superior boat that offers speed and efficiency with a comfortable ride no matter what the conditions.

About Our Center Console Boats

Hysucat’s high-performance asymmetric catamaran fishing boats deliver greater speeds using less horsepower. All of our boats are designed by Malan Conradie and feature our patented hydrofoil technology. Whether you choose to go with our 25′ sports fisher or the 30′ model, you can count on a premium center console boat packed with all of your standard sport fishing needs.

Our boats are tough yet comfortable. They are rugged enough to take on big waves and swells while gliding over the water with ease. Both boats come with very large fuel capacities to get you to and from even the farthest of fishing destinations. You’ll find everything you need on these boats to do the most serious of fishing, including dual live wells, rod storage and more. The spacious decks allow you to fit up to 10 passengers and gives you plenty of room for fishing as well all day long, no matter where the ocean takes you.

Hysucat’s Hydrofoil Boats Aren’t Only for Fishing

Even though we designed and built our hydrofoil center console boats for the most serious of fishermen out there, these boats are amazing for other recreational activities as well. For a smooth ride on the ocean with family and friends, our catamaran and hydrofoil technologies help you cruise through choppy waters with ease. Our center console boats are also great for snorkeling, island hopping and many other activities for you to enjoy out on the ocean!

Center Console Boat