Hysucat Hydrofoil Technology

Hysucat, an acronym for Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran, is the combination of a distinctively designed hull and foil incorporating hydrofoil science and technology. The Hysucat design used in centre console, fast RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) and water transport boats offers the best features of a monohull and a catamaran combined.

The hydrofoil is a wing like structure, (similar to an aircraft wing), which spans the catamaran hulls just below the surface of the water, parallel with but not protruding below the hulls. Like an aircraft wing, it has a streamlined profile form which when water runs over and below it, creates pressure differences on the upper and lower surfaces. With a parallel flow over the wing (foil), pressure is negative on the top surface and positive on the lower surface and this generates force L, (called “Lift”) vertical to the inflow and a drag force D (called “Drag”), parallel to the inflow. Such wings are used on aircraft wings, propeller blades, pump blades, fan/turbine blades and Hydrofoil Craft. Read More…

Structurally speaking, Hysucat boats are created to have desirable capabilities such as performance. A faster speed is a direct result of how Hysucat Hydrofoil boats operate. When the speed of the boat increases, Hysucat Hydrofoil Boats take a lift that is created by the hydrofoils. The lift has the potential to total both the weight on the boat and the boat itself. As a result, this phase is responsible for the hull coming out of the water. It is this Hysucat Hydrofoil technology that allows for less of a drag during the acceleration, which ultimately means less power is needed to be generated for speed and that the most effective way for boating is provided.

To get an idea of the speed that hydrofoils can provide, the Hysucat 25’ Sport Fisher is a prime example of a boat with the potential of gaining a momentum of just passed 60 mph. Hysucat takes pride in creating the most efficient boats, which is why boaters are able to go just about as fast as they desire.

About Our Hydrofoil Boats For Sale

Center Console Hydrofoil Boats

Center Console Hydrofoil boats have a unique patented technology that gives them the ability to accelerate and withstand high mileage with less generated power. With such desirable features, these efficient boats provide more uses than just fishing. Other boating uses can include but are not excluded to casual boating purposes and popular water activities. Hysucat is dedicated to making boats that provide the full experience of being on the water. Tough waters won’t prevent a boater on a Hysucat from having a good time because the mechanics behind catamaran and hydrofoil science can allow for an undisturbed ride. Whether going out to sea for snorkeling with friends or setting sail for an ocean adventure, Hysucat Center Console Hydrofoil Boats set any boater up for a successful trip.

Rigid Inflatable Boats With Hydrofoil Technology

Hysucat Rigid Inflatable Boats, or RIBS, are nothing short of astonishing. Hydrofoil technology is a benefit responsible for the efficiency of RIBS. Much like additional Hysucat boats, these RIBS focus on the method of design for an optimal cruising experience.

Commercial Hydrofoil Boats

There are several commercial hydrofoil boat options. Hysucat makes it a point to create these commercial boats for militarial and transportational uses, as well as for rescue and support efforts. When there’s an immediate need for help, the fastest way to get to the destination is a necessity. For example, Hysucat Commercial Hydrofoils are perfect for all-day and all-night Sea Tow marine services due to structural design and the rate at which they travel.

Hysucat Commercial Hydrofoils also include important qualities desired by public transportation, such as water taxis. A longer range and safety are necessities for when it comes to water travel, which is exactly what Hysucat ensures for all its boats, including those used for commercial purposes.

Why Choose Hysucat for all of Your Hydrofoil Boating Needs?

Hysucat is a leading brand for hydrofoils, or boats created with hydrofoil technology. There simply is no better boating brand when it comes to having a fast speed with less horsepower. Hydrofoil technology is an innovative science known for providing the most preferred boating experience.

With incredible performance, Hysucat Hydrofoils are wonderful for both leisure and commercial purposes. Hysucat is a trusted brand that guarantees desired performance speed with a reduction in the use of horsepower and an overall comfortable ride.

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Buying a motorboat is one thing, flying away with a Hysucat is quite another

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